Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Headphone Jack - Not Working on Laptop, Computer ( Windows 7 or Vista ), or iPod

If your headphone jack is not working on your laptop, computer (windows 7 or vista), or iPod it is not because of bad a headphone.

All these devices come with sound cards and one (or more) headphone jack.

When changing operating systems the drivers on the sound cards need to be up-to-date.

This can be done without bothering the local PC repair shop. Try these easy troubleshooting steps get sound out of your headphone jack.

Systems troubleshooting

1 First, try a another music (VLC, Windows Music Player, QuickTime, or K-lite) player for your videos and mp3's. Incorrect codecs or a out dated media player could trigger the no sound from headphone jack issue.

2 Choose a another audio or mp3 file to experiment with the headphone jack sound. A bad file with corrupt files or the mixture of of some file types with some media player will be incompatible causing headphone jack audio problems.

3 Check that the headphone jack is turned on or the mute button isn't checked. Windows 7 and Vista operating systems use a icon that looks like a speaker in the bottom right corner. Open the sound controls by right clicking on the speaker icon and choosing volume mixer.

4 Open the device maanger from the control panel and then click "sound controllers".

Open your sound card properites by clicking on device status. It should say the device is working properly.

If not, download updated drivers for your sound card from the manufactures website.

5 Once you have downloaded the new sound card driver, Open the Update drivers tab and click on have disk.

If you downloaded the driver to your hard drive, browse the C: drive. It will open the right driver file by itself. Don't click on any other driver files. You will then have to restart Windows.

6 Test your headphones for sound output. Your headphone jack sould now be working properly.