Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Headphone Fix - Wire Splicing

This is a simple headphone fix will save you the cost of replacing your high end headphones. 

It doesn't matter if you use your headphones to stroll around playing music so you don't disturb others near you or for their mobilty. 

You might use headphones every day or only from day to day. you will need this headphone fix to repair them when they've been damaged.

Dogs seem to enjoy chewing on your headphones that don't belong to them, so fix the damaged part of the headphone and continue to enjoy your music.

Things You'll Need
Electrical tape

Remove both sides of the exposed wire so there is a clean cut. 

Use a wirer stripper to remove one inch of the insulation around the electrical wire. 

Clap down on the wirer stripper handle and pull on the headphone wire. 

The wire insulation will come off cleanly, leaving the the exposed 2 colored wires. 

Reiterate this step with the opposite wire end.
Pull apart the two revealed wires, the red and green wires on both ends of the wire. 

Using the wirer stripper take off the wire insulation using leaving the exposed bar wire. 

Twist each end of the red wires together and cover with black electrical tape. Next to twist the green wires together.

Don't let the red and white wires come in contact with each other.