Monday, January 9, 2012

Fix Headphone: Wires and Plug

Learn how to fix headphone wires and plug to save some money. Headphone wires crack more frequently than than one would think .

These small bits of wire take a great deal of abuse, peculiarly if they are paired with today's mobile devices(mp3 players, iPods,iPads, iPhones and our active lifestyle.

Bouncing across town, tangling and crushing the headphone wire into small places, and then trying to find that perfect position to make both the left and right side headphones work together.

After makes for a discouraging and expensive trip back to the store to purchase yet another pair of headphones.

Take off the plug with your exact-o knife, or blade. Slice it off close to the plug. To fix headphone, you want as much wire as possible. 

Pull the headphone wires apart using a exact-o knife. Next peal back the wire insulation from the red and green wires. You need a 1/4 inch of bare wire exposed.

Place the tip of the headphone wire on the new headphone plug. You will be able to hear it through the headphone speaker.

Once the proper placement of the wires are located on the replacement plug, solder the wires. Do not use too much solder.

Test your fixed headphone for sound quality