Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Enable Bluetooth Windows 7 Driver

Enable the bluetooth windows 7 driver to listen to music without wires.

Being impressed by the aspect of being able hear music without having the bothersome tangles, I've found a way to do it using Windows 7.

If your laptop doesn't have Bluetooth streaming, like my on my Dell Latitude D530 pairing with Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones set in Windows 7 RC. 

Before I start here is the different version of Windows that Supports* the A2DP 

Windows XP: Won't on it's own support A2DP, but they make Bluetooth USB  adapters which have drivers that support A2DP.

Windows Vista: Won't on it's own support A2DP, but you can add a A2DP profile without switching Microsoft’s stack. Service Pack 2 comes with bluetooth 2.0 

Windows 7: RC does not have a Bluetooth driver (but comes with A2DP) 

Use a Medialink - USB Bluetooth Adapter - Windows 7 Compatible
on your laptop. 

I’ve also bought the ARCTIC Sound Headphones to use the A2DP music stream.

Step 1 insert in the Bluetooth Windows 7 dongle if your laptop does not include Bluetooth

Now install the bluetooth windows 7 driver 

After the bluetooth adapter is inserted into the usb drive, Windows 7 will naturally slect the correct bluetooth driver. Now the bluetooth windows 7 driver is successfully installed.

Step 2
Goto the start menu and type “Bluetooth” to find the bluetooth set up.

Select for Add a Bluetooth device, also, have your Bluetooth headphone is on and fully charged. Windows 7 will search for avaiable bluetooth devices.

If you device is listed select it. You may have to enter a pass code, just type 0000 or referr to your bluetooth headset manual

Next match your bluetooth windows 7 driver to the headphones. 

Find control panel > Sound > Device &gt Bluetooth Devices
Choose your device and check the sound, select your headphones for the playback devcie.