Monday, January 9, 2012

Repair Earphones: Easy Fix

You can cheaply and easily repair earphones to save them from the recycle bin. 

The earphones wires break from repeated twisting and winding them, pull on them or yank them out of plug.

If you own a much loved set of earphones which aren't working properly, and for some reason have yet to throw them away, follow these instruction to quickly repair your earphones.

Luckily its possible to repair your earphones with some household items and a little time.

Things You will Need:

Exacto Knife
Black Electrical tape
Pair of scissors
Heat shrink
Pair of pliers
Soldering iron

Peal off the earphone wire insulation on the exposed part of the electrical wire with a exacto knife. Break up the 4 electric wires.

Cut off the materials inbetween the earphone wires with a pair of scissors. Unbend and straighten the electric wires with a pair of pliers.

Twine the red color wires together and then do the same for the green wires. Bind the wires together with heat shrink or black electrical tape.

Us your soldering iron to heat the heat shrink. Hold the heat shrink by your pair of pliers. This will protect the repair of earphone wires.

After the heat shrink has cooled down, test the repair by inserting you earphones into your music device. 

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