Friday, January 6, 2012

Jawbone Pairing For Aliph, ERA, ICON, and Prime

Jawbone pairing is easily accomplished once you have the correct instructions for your individual Jawbone headset.

Jawbone makes upscale, Bluetooth acoustic headsets that are created to join up to your mobile phone, ipod or pc and disperse a premium audio sound.

If your mobile device does not come equipped with Bluetooth, you can still use your Jawbone with any audio device that has a 3.5mm audio port. Just get a Bluetooth Adapter and plug it into the audio port. Read make wireless earbuds to learn how.

As with any Bluetooth device, prior to connecting a Jawbone earphones to your phone, you need to start with a pairing operations that engages the Jawbone to pairing mode and finding it with your phone.

Jawbone carries several particular headsets; the current 3 models have a unique tactic of starting pairing mode.

Confirm what type of Jawbone headset you have, since the pairing instructions are particular for every model.

The Jawbone Era has a nose that is separated into 3 small sections, and the Jawbone Icon has 2 little parts. The Jambox is the exclusive Jawbone model that does not include a headset.

Set the Jawbone Era on pairing mode by turning the power knob, situated on the bottom of the headphone, to the "On" setting.

Next quickly move the headset up and down 4 times and the LED light will blink red and white, demonstrating that the headset is in pairing mode.

You can also, push and hold in the "Talk" switch, close to the rear of the headset, along with moving the power knob to on. Keep pressing the button til you see the LED blink red and white.

Set the Jawbone Icon on the pairing setting by pressing down the "Talk" switch, found on the back of your headphone.

Move the power switch on the bottom of the Icon to the "On" setting. While pressing the "Talk" switch until the LED light begins blinking red and white, signifying the headset is in pairing mode.

Put the Jawbone Aliph into pairing mode by moving the power switch to on, found on the other end of the headset, up and keep pressing it until the light on the button blinks red and white. The Aliph will say, "Aliph is in pairing mode."

Set the Jawbone Era on pairing mode by pressing down the button on the bottom of the headphone for at 3 seconds. Let go of the switch after the LED light starts blinking red and white.

Set the Jawbone Prime headset on pairing mode by pressing down the "NoiseAssassin" switch and the "Talk" switch together, found between the rounded face of the Prime, hold for three seconds. Let go of each switches after the LED light blinks red and white.