Thursday, January 5, 2012

Earbuds Bass How To Increase

Improve your earbuds bass with a equalizer. Just about every person wants earbuds that have a speaker system sound. 

Sadly, we are usually left with cheesy, mono sounding earbuds. 

This marker earbud tone is born to the natural qualities of the audio speakers within the earbuds. 

These little size speakers discourages them from shifting sufficient air to create the grand sound waves necessary to replicate bass wavelengths. 

Using the an equalizer, conversely, you can manipulate the relative fullness of numerous frequencies within tracks, enabling you to raise the bass and prune the treble, moving you a slightly nearer to the sound you desire. Follow these instructions to increase the level of your earbuds bass.

Things You Need: 
Mobile Device with Equalizer

Step 1 -->

        Connect your earbuds into a audio system with an equalizer which is able to modify the bass levels, like a an mp3 player, a pc or mac or a high end audio system.
        Listen to a song on the device while hearing through your earbuds. Pay attention  to the low wavelengths and guitars, such as the bass, bass beat or the low part of a piano. This is termed as "listening down," as you are concentrating to the low volume spectrum of the track. Notice how booming or smooth these wavelengths are.

        Modify the equalizer following the song has completed playing. Amplify the bass frequencies (those below or at 100 Hertz) by dropping the controllers on the left part up, twisting the button marked "Bass" to the top, or raising the the bass amount on a digital device through the alteration keys provided. If these guides do not work with your equalizer, check guides in the user manual documented with your device.
        Listen to the song back once again, listening down. There ought to be a significant improvement in the fullness of the bass absolute frequency. Otherwise, resume to stop and modify the equalizer till you pick up on the sound you're wanting.