Sunday, January 1, 2012

Step 7: Make Custom Comfortable Earbuds

Slip in the bootless earbuds into the outer portion of the putty in your ears like you would usually use them.

Hold off at minimum 10 minutes as the putty firm up and congeal. 

When completely cured, you need to ease out the earbud molds and earbuds together - sometimes they come out individually

As you are taking out the mold out of your ear, EXTREMELY CAREFULLY free the seal of your ear and EXTREMELY CAREFULLY pull the mold ahead and outward.

If you simply extract it out then the sucking can collapse your eardrum, setting off great pain, potential loss in hearing, possibly requiring SUBSTANTIAL medical operation and a jaunt to the ER.

And you can't get your ears wet before the puncture has recovered or huge danger of serious pain and contagion.